Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I started work at the Space Dynamics Laboratory for reals last week. It seemed to all come together on Wednesday when my boss Quinn found a cubical for me to sit at.

So far I have just been learning how to use my computer. It's a laptop (in a docking station), thank goodness, because Friday we had two power outages. My cubical-neighbor, Matt, lost all his important documents he was hard at work on. Mine just blinked out for a second and came back on in battery mode.

So, what am I doing in this job then? Well, I take a 3D model of a satellite and put it into this program called femap. Then I tell it that it's getting heated here, here, and here; and it's cooling rapidly over here. Then I put the model into another program called thermica and tell it how its going to orbit the earth and how long it will be in the sun, etc. Then, I put it all into another program called sinda and it calculates everything for me and colors my model in pretty rainbow colors to tell me where it's the hottest and where it's the coldest. Then I start over with another model.

Is this a good balance between complicated technical jargon and dumbing it down?


Bus Gillespie said...

Sounds kind of complicated, its great that someone is willing to pay for all your speculation.

Jancisco said...

I think you should try dumbing it down and then ask that question. Sheesh.

Word Diva said...

For some reason Star Trek I is coming into my head. Beware the possiblility that your satelite could become sentient and start talking to you. That means that either you have been working way too much or you have just witnessed the beginning of the end and the machines really are going to take over. :)

Kendra said...

Sounds like you are well on your way to becomming a rocket scientist!