Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I wish I had good news

First, thank you to each of you who contacted me in one way or another to see how my goal was coming along and for giving me encouragement. It really did have an effect on me.

If I hadn't put the goal on my blog, I would have:
  • forgotten my new goal within two days
  • put a half-hearted effort into it
  • erased any record that I had made the goal after I failed to achieve it
Now, I have to come back here and face you people and tell you that I didn't quite finish the Book of Mormon. In fact, I'm only in 2 Nephi. I have loads of excuses, but instead of hanging my head and giving up, I'm going to extend my deadline. I will also make a plan for success, since I didn't really do that last time.

I learned the skill of goal-setting on my mission, but it doesn't do me much good sitting in my brain.


Jenette said...

Did you get stuck at the Isaiah part? I will feel better about myself if you did (except sad for you that you didn't reach your goal). Good luck with your plan. Plans are the only way to go.

Anonymous said...

Even though you did not achieve your first goal, at least you aren't completely giving up. That would be failing, but by continuing on you are trying to reach your goal! That is a good thing and I hope that you are able to finish. I personally think that even if you don't read it in a certain time, but reading it at all is important. So keep on reading and you will finish it and get more out of it than if you were to do it in one week.

Word Diva said...

I think that when we fail we learn more than when we make it through. It is a sad reality of human existence. But a blessing nonetheless. Write down what you have learned about yourself and then move forward. Any reading in the Book of Mormon is still powerful and has the ability to change your life. Keep moving forward.

Kendra said...

So, did you finish before the end of the year??