Thursday, July 2, 2009

Impossible, you say?!

I had some free time at work today, so I practiced my solid modeling skills. I think I'm getting good, even making impossible objects. Take a look:

This is what they call a "Penrose Triangle." It is a triangle that has the luxury of having all of its angles equal 90 degrees. (Most triangles' internal angles add up to just 180 degrees, so this is a rare treat, like a seven-leaf clover).

Here is a side view. Unfortunately, when viewed from any other angle than the one above, it ceases to be a triangle, although all of the angles are 90 degrees. (I measured.)

And this just goes to show some kind of life lesson about looks being deceiving and living in another man's shoes for a day, and that grass is always greener, etc. etc.

I don't know why an underline appeared. Blogger doesn't even have that button. Maybe it's the default setting for moralizing.


Diana said...

Yah, for some reason, it always underlines when I moralize as well. Weird.

Clinto Beans said...

Seven leaf clover! Pah! We could have made the news then! We've found those before, its called a mutation.