Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Morning Conversation with Bret

Bret: "Harrison is awake and sitting up in bed."

Me: "What?"

Bret: "I know! It's only 11:00 and he's already awake! I'm going to go throw a gourd at his head to get him out of bed."

[Bret runs downstairs holding a big green gourd over his head.]
[Bret runs back upstairs with the gourd.]

Bret: "Harrison is already out of bed!"

Me: "Huh? How did that happen?"

Bret: "Me running up and down the stairs, bumping into things, yelling at him about the onslaught of World War IV..."

1 comment:

Bret said...

That's not an exact record of what transpired. The surprise was that Harrison wasn't out of bed *yet* but was was awake, I don't think his head was the specified target for the gourd and I'm not sure if I used the word 'onslaught.'