Thursday, August 20, 2009

"This must be the part where I reveal my sinister plot."

I've been in three different singles' wards without moving house once. After my first week attending the 65th ward (the fightin' 65ths!) last Sunday, the bishopric has already extended a calling.

Activities Committee Co-chair
I shall strive to be the best darn chair-person for activities there ever was! Or at least, adequate. For this, I need ideas from you!

What are the activities you remember best from your days in a singles' ward? I'll even accept mutual activities, family outings, and high school field trips, as long as they conjure up pleasant feelings of nostalgia. Add to my list:
  1. Cocktail/costume party
  2. Homemade gift exchange
  3. Writing one's name on the moon with a laser
  4. Crushing bumbling blue arachnids like insects
  5. ...


Diana said...

dating games.

Aunt Soup said...

Service projects are always a hit.

Jan said...

anything that has to do with food. Munch and Mingle, Break the Fast, Food and FHE at a Bishopbric member's house. . .

I didn't really like any of my singles ward activities. Just awkwardness.

Robyn said...

My favorite activity was one that i helped plan, it was a much and mingle of sorts, but it involved cereal, lots of it and milk. It was probably the best munch and mingle that ever had been. I know we had a talent show...which was pretty funny. I'll chat with my dad for some ideas, he just got released from a Singles Ward bishopric, they were always doing FHE at their house. Good luck!!

Zefroid said...

rock climbing
finger painting
bicycle rides
movie nights
quilting projects
Iron Chef

Manda Hall said...
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Manda Hall said...

Human foosball
Pool Party
Hay, MR. 11th ward you should have a MR. 56th ward to see if you can get a 2nd title...

Suzy said...

Mattress Dominoes. And yes- this means you standing in between two mattresses. Ha, okay this wasn't a ward activity, just with roommies in the hall, but I can only imagine it being even more fun with 50 people. Afterwards you can, I dunno, watch a movie or jump from stacks of mattresses or build mattress forts- all while using the sheets to be dressed in togas. Limitless possibilities.