Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bizarre Humming

the air vibrates now.
Jared's room, hot with circuits
low acoustic G


Jan said...

Welcome to BlogSpot
I am glad to read your thoughts.
Please write more haiku.

Susan said...

Always a kidder
Masterful use of language
Blogger sleight of hand

Thaddeus said...

Humming discovered:
my computer was nestled
beside my wood desk

Jancisco said...

Hurry up and post something more interesting and less melodic.

Willie said...

Hard to keep up with all of you sometimes.

Emily said...

You are a weirdo
Remember the Guillotine?
Don't Bother Willie

Aron (he's dreamy) said...

A Haiku blog spot
Like minds oft think alike
my dreams are haikus