Saturday, June 9, 2007

GarlickDance Film Festival

My roommate, Jared Garlick is something of a cinematographer. He has enlisted my help to produce his third entry into the annual GarlickDance Film Festival (think Sundance), held in West Point, UT each year. Any Garlick can enter, and most do.

All submitted films have the same dialog (aside from a few sparse 'wildcards' to be filled in at the director's discretion). The script has been carefully selected and provided to each director. The director must adapt the words to his own story, keep it somewhat coherent, and still entertain.

Jared is doing his entire movie on green-screen. I have been given the title of "Production Assistant," which means I get to help him set everything up. I also will star as "the curator," a one-scene role, but a pivotal one. The film will premier July 21st.


JethRobyn said...

Umm...can I have your autograph?? I've never really met a movie star...unless you count Wilford Brimley, but he tips badly.
So that girl we wanted to set you up with last weekend. She's Really cute, and into mechanical engineering. We told her about how you won the calculator contest, and she asked us "What kind of calculator was he using?" We laughed..and thought, you two should be friends.

Jan said...

Can we see the movie too? Should we hold a similar contest?
I think it sounds great.

Thaddeus said...

It was a TI-89. What kind does she use?