Sunday, July 8, 2007

Creamie Joke

You know how sometimes (if you're lucky) you get a joke under your candy wrapper or on your popsicle stick? Well, I had the most amazingly funny one on my creamie the other day. It said, and I quote, "Time to eat anther Creamie!" This brings me to conclude that 'it's funny if it is misspelled.'

Ergo, we have the following collection of ways to determine if something is funny:

1- It's funny because it rhymes
2- It's funny because it's true**
3- It's funny because it's spelled wrong

**Since everything on the internet is true, by induction, everything on the internet is necessarily funny.

By corollary, if something is funny then it must have either rhymed, been true, been spelled wrong, or any combination of these three.


JethRobyn said...

Way to go on an anther good post :) Got to love those creamies...yummy anther creamies.

Word Diva said...

Did you know that my Great, Great-half uncle Caspar, of Caspar's fame created Creamies? That is why you should always have another one, it builds the family fortune. :)