Thursday, July 12, 2007

Space Dynamics Laboratory

I have received a new job. I am helping a PhD student named Quinn with his research at SDL, Utah State University's research foundation. It involves thermal analysis of a spacecraft that is currently being designed. My job involves running computer simulations of the heat on the satellite.

A number of things make me enjoy this job more than the heavy cleaning one I just quit:
  • Air conditioning
  • Higher pay
  • Real work experience (it's like an internship, without the stigma of the word "intern")
  • Free parking is right next to the building
  • Security Clearance
  • Clean environment
  • A company-provided computer
  • Sitting down
  • No heavy boots required
I have been working officially since Monday, but Quinn needs to get me a badge, a desk, a computer, etc. So, he gave me some books on Spacecraft Thermal Controls; I can read them at home and get paid for it.

So far it's the best job ever.


JethRobyn said...

That is awesome Thad!! Are you still planning on riding with us to Junction this weekend?

MidSpeck said...

Congratulations. Are you still going to help me design that satellite?

Word Diva said...

So can we call you "intern" now, no surname no christian name, just intern? Intern Thad sounds kind of good. speaking of jobs, I just got offered a full class schedule, I won't be considered "full time" but I will be paid so. Does that make me a sort of "intern to the department"? Sigh