Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I was talking to my brother-in-law the other day...we'll call him "Ben;" anyway, I asked Ben, "If you could choose to love cheese would you do it?" You see, he doesn't like cheese and many other dairy products and it sometimes makes him go hungry at family gatherings.

His response surprised me, "No. The hatred for cheese is so strong within me that I wouldn't do it." (These may not be exact quotations, Ben. Feel free to post a correction).

The reason for my surprise is it seems like such a rational decision: changing your food preferences for improved quality of life. But then I thought about pickles. I detest them. I can't even imagine liking them. And I'm content enough to go through the trouble of requesting "hold the pickles" at any fast food restaurant. But if I liked them, what would be the problem?

I think it boils down to identity. To change my mind and like pickles would be like wondering what I would look like if my mom married someone else. Would I even be me anymore?


Benjamin said...

That's pretty much how it happened. Also, I agree. It's an identity thing. I wonder, though: If people hadn't made such a big deal of the cheese thing my entire life, it might have been easier for me to get over it. Now the cheese hatred as a life unto itself.

Word Diva said...

I detest clam chowder. Hold the clams and I am happy as a. . . well a clam. I have never liked it though it is a main staple for Geary cooking in the winter months. In fact I pride myself that hate clam chowder. With so many things that I cannot eat-- this is my chance to take my life by the horns and choose to not eat something--and that would be clams.

Jinx said...

I don't get it. Now I'm a food person...love food...been eating it practically my whole life. And as such there are VERY few foods I don't like...there are certainly foods I prefer over others (sometime vehemently), but it's extremely rare that I find a food that I really hate.

I do hate most coleslaw (occasionally I'll find a restaurant that makes a really excellent one, but it's a rare exception), and no matter how hard I try (and I have tried) I can't seem to get past it. So I do get there being select foods you don't like...but I don't get the blanket dislikes. i.e. cheese, seafood, nuts, etc.

Provolone, Cheddar, Blue, American, Swiss....I can understand not liking the flavor of one, but they all taste remarkably different from each other. How is it that there's a universal dislike for them all? Same for seafood...I don't know how someone can blanket dislike shrimp, salmon, crab, etc...they all taste so distict.

Is it just a mental thing? Well, obivously it is, but you know what I mean? It seems highly unlikely that someone would naturally have an aversion to each of those individual flavors.

Obviously this isn't a debatable topic. You can't be talked into liking a food. I'm not judging anybody. I just - personally - don't get it.

Kendra said...

Well, I totally get the absolutely detest...bottom of the totem pole...would rather starve to death than eat it feeling. I think life would be rather boring if we all liked the same things...but I do believe that you should try something more than once before determining that it is not worth it. I am also a food lover which I believe comes from my dad who loves to cook - the experimental kind. It was a house rule that I had to try everything he made (anything from fish eye soup - I don't recommend that one - to garlic, herb shrimp on a bed of pasta covered with alfredo - YUMMY!) I appreciate that I've had the opportunity to eat lots of different things in life.

But, I say if you've tried it and don't like it - my hat's off to you for sticking your ground! I figure I will never make anyone eat anything they don't like...as long as they don't feed me coconut, mushrooms, liver or chicken noodle soup. (No almond joy surprises for me!)

Anyway, Thad, I love pickles...so you can just give them to me...and I'll pass you my coconut - with pleasure. :)

MidSpeck said...

You don't like chicken noodle soup?! That is strange to me.