Saturday, July 14, 2007

Guessing game

My friends and I are always making up games to pass the time. One we've become fond of is called, Guess What I'm Thinking Of. No clues or narrowing it down with questions (at least not until very late in the game when you're both becoming weary of it). Here is an actual transcription of one I had with Curtis over GoogleTalk:

11:16 PM Curtis: when you in town til?
me: tomorrow.
11:17 PM Curtis: thursday
of 2009
me: oh.
parole, huh?
11:18 PM Curtis: yeah..
11:19 PM guess what i'm thinking.
me: rabbits driving a car down midtown manhattan
wearing speedos and smoking herbal cigarettes
Curtis: very
far off
11:20 PM me: Why don't you just tell me what you're thinking?
Curtis: that would ruin the game!
me: is it...bamboo?
Curtis: no
me: chamomile tea?
11:21 PM Curtis: no
me: jump ropes?
Curtis: no
me: cinnabon?
Curtis: no
me: filters?
Curtis: no
me: cold fingers?
Curtis: no
me: humankind?
Curtis: no
me: huygens probe?
Curtis: no
i mean
11:22 PM no
me: retrogressing evolution?
Curtis: no
me: ichabod crane?
Curtis: you know, you're not doing very well at this game but you would be doing very well if we were playing the random game
11:23 PM me: thorns?
Curtis: no
me: gastrointestinal system?
Curtis: yes, that's not it
me: haha
Curtis: nope
me: lemonade?
Curtis: nah
11:24 PM me: church-style organs?
Curtis: nay
me: manicotti?
Curtis: negatory
me: phlegm?
Curtis: nizzle
me: yarn?
michael jackson?
11:25 PM pillsbury?
siege weapons?
Curtis: pentano
me: weird science?
Curtis: unino
me: figs?
11:26 PM Curtis: bino
me: self-destruction?
a crow's nest?
Curtis: sexno
11:27 PM me: french cognates?
Curtis: no
me: oil spills?
Curtis: no
me: formula racing cars?
Curtis: n
me: chocolate fountain?
Curtis: n
me: zen buddhists?
Curtis: hey, i'm going to check my email- tell me when you get it
me: hava nagila?
Curtis: no
11:28 PM me: how will I know?
Curtis: i'll tell you
me: deep water?
chest hairs?
minus sign?
a minute?
charged particles?
onion salad?
plaster of paris?
11:29 PM chumming for fish?
pop rocks?
trundle beds?
festering sores?
German women?
Haley Lyster?
11:30 PM hiccups?
liveable wages?
pass the pigs?
Autoliv, Inc.?
11:31 PM Dr. Seuss?
Curtis: i see the pattern to your guesses
me: what will i guess next?
Curtis: Greece
me: hair restorer
Curtis: grecian hair restorer
11:32 PM me: Led Zeppelin?
Curtis: no
me: come on. I must have guessed it by now
Curtis: if i'm ever writing poetry though i'm so going to look up this chat...

At this point I put the chat 'off-record,' so it wouldn't be saved on Google's servers and no one would be able to look it up again. Curtis complained, so I put the chat back 'on-record.'

11:33 PM i need big brother
11:36 PM me: just TELL me!
Or, give me whichever one was the closest so far. you even have anything in mind?
Curtis: i do
11:37 PM me: I bet you were thinking, "What can I ask Thad that will keep in occupied for a long time?"
11:38 PM Curtis: no
that's not it
onion salad was closish
11:39 PM me: potato?
cookie salad?
wedding cake?
peanut butter crunch(tm)?
11:40 PM Curtis: shrek is closish
me: donkey?
Curtis: no
me: movie?
motion picture?
mike myers?
Green skin?
Curtis: oh
oh oh
11:41 PM me: farting?
Curtis: no
you were REALLY close
with "Green skin"
me: white skin?
11:42 PM caucasian?
Curtis: colder
me: blue candy shell?
Curtis: colder
me: pickle tray?
Curtis: colder
me: rash?
Curtis: colder
me: canker sore?
Curtis: colder
me: smurfs?
11:43 PM Curtis: you were EXTREMELY close before
me: green meat?
green eggs and ham?
green salami?
green burrito?
Curtis: so stinking close, all of them
me: green salad?
Curtis: no
11:44 PM me: lean green machine?
green beans?
Curtis: no, but still equally close
me: green lettuce?
green spinach?
Curtis: no
me: green peas?
green onions?
Curtis: think simpler
me: peas?
Curtis: no
11:45 PM further
me: tomatoes
Curtis: way off
me: greens
so close
me: the color green?
Curtis: YEESSSS!!
me: aha!
Curtis: man, i'm happy
this game is even harder
11:46 PM congrats, sincerely
and now i must go sweep the floor.


Thirdmango said...

I'm glad Haley made it in there, funny thing is, I hang out with her now. I didn't really know her in high school but we randomly ended up with the same group of friends, in fact we're gonna be next door neighbors soon. Weird eh?

Aunt Soup said...

I'm exhausted.

Benjamin said...

If there were ever a post that summarized Thad as a person, this is it.

JethRobyn said...

Wow....I could not have kept up with that conversation in real life. You guys are silly. But good game though, maybe we should spend our family nights together doing that instead of Puerto Rico.

Hosander said...

I really liked the part where you switched and Curtis had to guess what you were going to guess next

Elissamae said...

That is absolutely hilarious! I think that completely summarizes Thad as a person! Good job on guessing it! :)