Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Die schönste Tag meines Lebens

I have an assignment. I need to write an essay describing the best day of my life. But, as with most superlatives, I can't put my finger on a singular event that surpasses all others. When anyone asks what my favorite food is, I usually panic. "How am I supposed to know that!?" I don't know...I'll eat most anything...I know what I don't like, but that is not what was asked of me.

I usually pick a food that I am rather fond of, like lasagna or cornbread or cookie salad, but I always have a thorn in my conscience because I know I have told a lie. There is probably a food that I have had that far surpasses any of these, that I love, that I lay awake at night thinking about, that I would kill for. At least, this is what I imagine the questioner desires from me.

In matters of personal preference I often turn to my sister, Toni to decide. In many instances I have found that she knows me better than I do.

So, dear Toni, which is the fullest, most exhilarating, happiest day that I have yet lived?


Benjamin said...

Once I made a list of the top 50 days of my life. It was really a cool exercise, trying to rank them all and giving a little blurb about each one and why it was special. You could steal one of mine . . . but I can't find the list right now.

Hosander said...

Dear Thad,
It was probably my wedding day. Or the day you realized Toni and Bret are the best roommates ever. Or the day you realized that you were doing the thing that would make you happiest for the longest amount of time.
Or just fake it. That's usually my advice anyway.


Jancisco said...

Thad, I think your favorite day was when you pulled me around the living room with a chinese jumprope under your armpits.

Remember how great that was!!??

Beetle Bailey said...

No, no, the best day was when you came for my birthday and we rollerbladed down the street in the dark! 'member? We had Navajo Tacos that night. You like Tacos.
Maybe the Demolition Derby?

David said...

I'm pretty sure it was the day we tried to blow up your microwave then went bungee jumping, actually.

Kendra said...

So, I'm curious. What did you end up writing about?

Thaddeus said...

I haven't written anything yet. I think it's due on Thursday.