Monday, December 10, 2007

die Finals

I need Inspiration.

I have a german Final Exam tomorrow, eine Abschlusspr├╝fung. The entire Test will a Story be. I must a german Fairy Tale write. Well, it must not a traditional german Fairy Tale be, rather I must my own Fairy Tale in the german Language write. My Problem is not the german Language Part...yet. I need an exciting Story to think of.

If you an Idea have, call me tonight up.


Thaddeus said...

And if you didn't notice anything wrong with my post you might suffer from dyslexia.

I wrote the blog in English, using German word order and grammatical rules.

Hosander said...

When I a fairy tale in German had to write, wrote I about Hosander and a witch.

Word Diva said...

I thought that you were just channeling Yoda.

Beetle Bailey said...

How did it go? I could have told you the whole story of sylvester and the magic pebble, it was a doosey

Word Diva said...

Yes, how did the final go and how many more do you have? Sorry I wasn't able to help with the story, I had a grand one about a snowflake maker in the sky.

Thaddeus said...

I wrote an original story of my own creation:

A dark forest houses an evil witch. Long ago she turned a prince into an animal and he roams the forest awaiting the kiss of a princess to change him back.

The forest also swarms with princesses from all over the land searching for the lost prince, and kissing every animal they can find.

One princess finds a funny looking frog that seems to understand what she says to it. She picks it up and puts it to her lips. "Ribbit," it says. And leaps into the river.

It wasn't an enchanted frog, but it was a poisonous frog and she falls to the ground in a poison-sleep.

That evening she is discovered by an evil, ugly dwarf. He drags her to his cave and begins to prepare his meal (and she's to be the main course!)

As she wakes up, the dwarf comes at her with his huge knife. She tries to fight him off, but is too weak from the poison still. She screams.

At that moment the door is broken open and a gigantic white stag charges in, killing the dwarf with its antlers, but it also gets a big cut on its nose from the knife.

The princess is frightened of this animal, but helps it once it shows it is nice. She kisses the wound and the stag turns into a man.

And if they haven't died yet, then they are still alive today.

Word Diva said...

I love your story Thad. It is a classic fairtale of fairytales. It makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

I like how this one ends. Very heroic.

Kendra said...

Nice...very nice. I love the imagery of the white stag. It makes me think of patronuses.

I've added "Fairy Tale Writer" to the list of things that you would be really good at when you grow up. I think it falls behind science teacher. ;)