Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You have salad in your pants.

I have a peculiar little hobby. Some people collect stamps or Russian dolls or Fabergé eggs. My collection is all in my head: the phrase, "You have salad in your pants" in several unique languages. This all began on the ride to a scout camping trip as a lad of, say 14, when cousin Spencer taught everyone in the suburban the Spanish phrase, "Tienes ensalada en tus pantelones." I became fascinated. I became obsessed.

It's been ten years, and if this was all I'd been doing for ten years I might feel a little underproductive. Here are the languages I have it memorized in:
  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. American
  4. German
  5. Swedish
  6. French
  7. American Sign Language
  8. Japanese
  9. Punjabi
  10. Mandarin
  11. Russian
  12. Portuguese
  13. Korean
  14. Hmong
  15. Norwegian
  16. Czech
  17. Finnish
In addition, I have forgotten how to say it in these languages:
  1. Lithuanian
  2. Ilonggo
  3. Italian
  4. Latin
  5. Polish
  6. Greek
  7. Mongolian
  8. Estonian


MidSpeck said...

I am amazed you found a picture to go along with this post.

Thaddeus said...

I made the picture myself! I didn't use Photoshop or even the Gimp! All I had was Paint, and it worked out.

MidSpeck said...

It looks good... Really it does.

Jancisco said...

I'm also impressed with the graphic. And where do they speak Ilonggo?

Thaddeus said...

It's a dialect in the Philippines. My roommate Jared speaks it.

Hosander said...

what's the difference between american and english? trousers?

Thaddeus said...

"ye hae salad in yer trousers"

Hosander said...

that is more irish i think

Bret said...

Habes lactuca in tui toga. Phew! That made me realize how much Latin I have forgotten.

Taylor said...

that's pretty impressive...the most I would put effort in to it would be to go to babblefish and to go through all the languages.

but of course, I'm related to Harrison...I'm naturally lazy.

Ryan the Man said...

"Tu turi salota savo kelnese". That would be Lithuanian, and since its a 100 percent phonetic language, sound it out exactly how its spelled.

Megan said...

Feeling the love on that sweet picture you created.

Also, feeling slightly sad that a couple weeks ago, I threw out a few pieces of scrap paper I found that had your phrase written in Hebrew and...what other languages? I think the others you already have listed. Ah well.

Mrs. Eliza said...

I've told people that you do this. ha ha ha. I had no idea you knew it in that many. Funny.