Monday, August 4, 2008

A Job Done.

I have a wonderful and a terrible job.

What makes it wonderful? No micromanagement. My boss doesn't even know where my desk is and he has never asked. We're in separate buildings. I can work for as long or as little as I like. Today, for instance, I took the whole morning off to buy furniture. He never knew, nor ever will. Unless he sees my time card.

What makes it terrible? I have to micromanage my boss. Since I'm a student working here, I don't really know everything I'm supposed to do. My boss doesn't realize that, but I'm painfully aware. I basically take raw data and organize it to make pretty graphs and charts for the report. But what kinds of graphs? What am I looking for? What do all these acronyms mean? If that's an equation, then where are the numbers? May I push the big red button? Can you repeat that? I'm always pestering him with questions.

It would be less inconvenient (and by that I mean, "more convenient") for both of us if I could just email him my results and he responded with the requisite changes, but I'm working on a secret government project in a room that has no outside network access. (BTW, if I told you I wouldn't have to kill you, but I would get sent to federal prison. I don't know what would happen to you). Any time I get stuck or I want to show him something, I find him in his office (if he's there and not busy) and bring him to the confidential room. Sometimes he is nowhere to be found. Maybe he's out buying furniture. I go back to my desk in the other building and send him an email.

While I'm there, I read the blogs.


Anonymous said...

That would be very hard, because I like to know exactly what I need to be doing and how they want it done. I would drive my boss crazy with inquiries.

Diana said...

Lets hope he doesn't google your name and find your blog. Then, you'll be busted for buying that furniture

Jancisco said...

Sounds like you are a good employee. Many people would take advantage of that freedom by doing NOTHING.

Have you thought about getting like a bank teller tube system? You guys are engineers, figure it out.

Diana said...

Isn't it interesting how you can feel such a connection to someone--even if you've never met them (referring to sunlize here, not your boss). I don't leave comments very often because i am not very good with my words. You, on the other hand, have a very good way of saying what needs to be said simply and directly. Good job.

And yes, that last post seemed like a huge step backwards to me too.

Jinx said...

You'd be AMAZED at the kinda of stuff some students do while waiting for instruction at SDL. When I was a student there I knew guys who had Nintendo emulators on their computers and would beat old classic games. I know another who played the online game "Runescape" for HOURS!! Being a gamer, I have nothing against these activities, but they were doing it on the company dime...probably not such a good thing.

Kimber said...

At least it gives you a chance to get out. I used to work in an underground vault. I could get my questions answered immediately but I went a little crazy in the process.

Jenette said... Who really ever knows what they are doing? But what furniture did you buy?!

Thaddeus said...

I got a sofa and two chairs and a floor rug, but the rug might be too small. Celeste needs to come over and see if it will work.