Saturday, January 17, 2009

I can write with my eyes shut!

Typing with my eyes closed. I can't see if I make any mistakes, but I don't care. Actually, I know if I've typed wrong. You can just tell.

My friend Jenette is going to President Obama's inauguration on Tuesday. I think that would be pretty cool. They are predicting the biggest gathering for this inaugruation of all inaugurations fince the beginning of time.

Oh, that reminds oe that you should check out Tally Hall's Internet Show (or THIS for short), if you haven't already. They have some funny sketches, and some bizarre, and only a couple of "inappropriate" ones.

Have you been to lately? Meneither. I wonder what's going on over there. I think the Brothers Chaps have lost some of their gusto. Kindof like me for this blog.

The end.


Taylor said...

the homestar crew spent a lot of their time making a video game for the wii software, so their website's quality died.

Jenette said...

Pray that no one brings a bomb. Thanks. (I am just kidding.I feel very safe. So if Thad's blog is being watched, I am a good person. Promise.)

Clinto Beans said...

Checked it out, thought it was awesome. I miss Tally Hall. Its been a while since I've seen their stuff. I never knew they started updating again. (Comment not typed with eyes shut)

Jen said...

I went to the whistle stop in baltimore on his tour before the inauguration...I thought it would be cool to take part in that history while not having to fight too much of a crowd or stray too far from home. Also, you make weird typos! messing up an f for an s and an o for an m. Weird!