Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thought Experiment #1

One evening you retire to bed around 11pm as usual, but your sleep is restless and progressively less comfortable. At last you open your eyes to confused new surroundings. You find yourself in a run-down shanty with bright, hot sunlight blazing through the slits in the windows.

You immediately make for the door and head outside, where you find all of your neighbors (the Fergusons, Mr. Sherman, etc.) wandering around, staring confusedly at the sun and the dirty street. Babies are crying. It's hot.

After a few minutes of conversation and detective work, you all accept the fact that you are in Africa, but how you got there is a total mystery. After several hours, you learn that it wasn't just your neighborhood that was transported here, but the entire population of North America. And, there isn't a single native African to be found south of Kenya.

The Africans woke up in American, Canadian, and Mexican beds, equally bewildered.

I'd like to know what you will do from here. Also, how will your people cope with their new surroundings? Compare that to the African people who have found themselves stranded in an industrialized society with very little technological training.


Hosander said...

we would return to a dark age, you should read "Anthem" by Ayn Rand, it's only 60 pages, it would only take you 15 minutes.

Beetle said...

I think Africans would hate our wealth. They would look around and say, "I KNEW IT! I knew they had all the means by which to help us and they told us the economy was too much of a mess to do anything!"
Equally, I think North Americans would look around and say, "Oops. . . we have no sense of humanity. . ."

Bus Gillespie said...

I think we would scavange for some food and make a plan. Then work the plan.

I think the Africans and Asians would do the same thing.

Without the infrastructure of government to aid/hinder people, those without plans nor motivation would die and the strong would survive.

(This is Jan)

Bus Gillespie said...

I think the Americans with their yankee ingenuity would domestic the zebras, dig some wells, build a purification plant so we could stomach the water, Transform the environment into giant wheat fields, kill off all the game that threatened our way of life. Then we would start schools which would culminate in law schools where lawyers could be educated to hinder any further progress.