Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Engineering Week: 1, Thad: 0


I took third place in the Calculator Quick-Draw. I like to think I abdicated, though.

In the faculty competition, we tied, officially. But that had more to do with the kindness of the teachers. They rocketed far ahead of us early in the game and stayed there until Final Jeopardy! Their bid was carefully crafted to equal double our score if they lost. They answered wrong, we answered right. We tied out of generosity.

But I'm fairly sure they didn't just throw the last question. See if you can get it:

A. Davis Strait, named for a Northwest Passage seeker, separates these two islands that total over one million square miles.


Hosander said...

Greenland and something was my first guess, then I looked it up...

Thaddeus said...

Greenland is one, anyone know the other island?