Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Got Motivation?

Want to lose weight, quit smoking, or exercise regularly? Do you have bad habits you desperately want to shed? Good habits and skills you'd like to adopt?

Introducing a new website:

You put in a commitment.
You provide a specific time frame.
You ask a friend to referee.
You put your money on the line.

There are several options for your money. The most motivating (to me) is what they call an anti-charity. You pick the group that you can't stomach from the list below:

  • Abortion: Americans United for Life
  • Abortion: NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation
  • Environment: Nature Conservancy
  • Environment: The National Center for Public Policy Research
  • Gay Marriage: Freedom to Marry
  • Gay Marriage: Institute for Marriage and Public Policy
  • Gun Control: Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence
  • Gun Control: NRA Foundation
  • Political: George W. Bush Presidential Library
  • Political: William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library

If you fail to acheive your goal, your credit card donates a sum to the cause you hate most. If you don't think that will motivate you, try doubling the amount you initially laid down.

If you succeed, you keep that money. Consider it your reward. Well, that and knowing you are a better you.

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Diana said...

How do i sign up to be on the list of eligible donation receivers?