Sunday, November 8, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

Here is a series of pictures I took while wearing my green plastic army man Halloween costume.

In order to show off our costumes, we threw a Butterknife Estates Halloween party. Our friends, Cleopatra and Michael Jackson fan, brought their karaoke machine.
Bret starred as Dr. Horrible
Jared went as the Phantom of the Opera.
Harrison was this creep.


the chelak said...

it's a shame you cant see my super creepy makeup

Diana said...

Thad-your costume is AWESOME!!!!!!! I say that with the same tone the Hamster in Bolt would exclaim because it's totally true.

Jan said...

Creepy, indeed. Thad, that was an AMAZING costume!

Good work!

Teresa Gashler said...

The green army man is pretty sweet, I have to admit.

Taylor said...

look at your dazzlingly white smile!

Jinx said...

The 7th picture down is incredible! The lighting must have been just perfect on that one, 'cuz I wouldn't know you from one of the actual old toys.