Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fitness doesn't fit.

How do people with full-time office jobs get any exercise?

I used to go to the field house on campus after my first class every other day, but as a sedentary cubicler I don't seem to have a) the time, or b) the field house.

When the temperature rises and the disgusting Cache Valley smog dissipates I can run around town in the mornings. What do I do in the mean time?


Jinx said...

There exist several in-your-own-living-room type exercise programs, mostly involving aerobics & dumbbells and/or resistance bands.

Jan said...

yeah, check out PX90.

Or just realize that nature's way of self-insulation is a sedentary winter full of meat-eating. Then during the summer, you take it off again.

Robyn said...

do laps around the cubicles, go for ten minutes every two hours.