Monday, February 22, 2010

Computer Reliability

If you're thinking about buying a new computer, there are a lot of factors to consider. Price, brand, processor speed, RAM, disk space, monitor size, operating system, webcam, speakers, color and sheen (*cough* *Not going to name names* *cough*)...

However you prioritize the list, don't forget reliability. That's how long it will last. Squaretrade recently did a 3-year study of laptop reliability and here are the findings:
  • Nearly one third of new laptops failed within three years.
  • Netbooks may be cheap, but they are cheap. They are 20% more likely to fail than a more expensive laptop.
  • The best brands were ASUS (from China - never heard of them), Toshiba, and Sony.
  • The worst brands were Acer (mine), Gateway, and HP


hosander said...

Did your computer die?
Were you talking about Charlie Sheen?

Jinx said...

I've heard of ASUS. They're real.

Paul Jessie and the Boys said...

we have an apple and it is PERFECT. :)

Steve said...

1/3 die in 3 years! Wow. But I'm not completely surprised, our laptop is acting up and I'm thinking of replacing it with a desktop.

Thaddeus said...

hosander, my computer did not die, but it has come close. I recommend frequent vacuumings. Dust tends to make electronics overheat and die.

I was not talking about Charlie Sheen; good guess, though.

Jinx, I was reading through our old SDL email conversations today and I laughed. This has no relevance to your comment. I am sorry.

Paul, Apple's were on the more reliable side, so Kudos. Their main drawback is the one mouse button.

Steve, a desktop? Really? Come on. Are you also moving back to the 90s?

MidSpeck said...

@Paul Jessie and the Boys- looking at the study, Apple is in the middle of the mix.
@Thaddeus- thanks for posting this! Like Jinx, I too, have heard of ASUS. If they make their laptops anything like they make their motherboards (which apparently they do), they will be rock solid. I've been shying away from buying ASUS because they are newer to the laptop scene. Given this, I'll probably get them in the future. They are actually comparatively inexpensive as well.