Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Job Search

I'm in the middle of finding a career. Not a lot of bites yet. While thinking about how to find work, I pondered my previous job searches, "How did I get employed before?" I was drawn back four years to February 1st 2005.

Here is my journal entry:
I got a job this week! I'd been looking, half-hoping one would fall into my lap. Tuesday morning I just decided to find one. So I prayed that I would. Specifically, that I would 'find a job today.'

Prayer is powerful, maybe even stronger than gravity! [I was in a physics class at the time and was impressed by how strong gravity is] I got a call that day from Scott (an employer I called last week about a janitorial job that would be perfect for me!) He said the position had been filled. . .

. . . but he needed a vacuum-operator, "and could you start tonight?" Scott asked in desperation. So I've been working 6-11ish every night since then. It pays $7.50/hr and I just empty trash cans and vacuum all the time. First night was a bit intimidating. I clean a 3-story clinic, but I have some great co-workers.
This job at Kindred Cleaning really was exactly what I needed at that time in my life. The pay was great (for my level of experience and the local economy), the schedule worked out well, and it helped me get out of myself to meet new friends.

I have concluded that prayer is stronger than gravity.


Diana said...

Great story. I'll use it for my next talk. lol. But really, I agree.

Jancisco said...

I think so too. I mean, if prayer can stop the sun in the sky or move mountains, than it can probably reverse or suspend gravity too. Of course, the power isn't in prayer, it's in God.