Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We're pretty accustomed to having favorite or "lucky" numbers. It's one of the questions you might use in getting to know someone new. What does it tell you about the person, though?

Many people pick 7 because it's universally lucky; perhaps they want universal acceptance. Only the daring would pick 13 (or those asking for trouble). Picking 0 or 1 could indicate you're a loner. Three is a magic number and 4 is cosmic (if you want to know why 4 is cosmic, ask me about it some time). And some wise guy might choose pi, which is truly a transcendent number.

Mine is 74.

It has been at least since 4th grade when I painted the number in watercolors. I represented it in blue and violet because my synesthesia views it that way, and I've always enjoyed the superfluous cross the seven often gets.

I think, though, that letters may have an even stronger relationship to our personalities. Letters are associated with far more things in our lives, since every named thing and person contains letters. What are your favorite letters and what do you think they say about you? How about least favorite letters?


Laurie said...

My lucky number is 76 because it was my standing test score in freshman biology for at least 5 consecutive tests.

My favorite letter to write is a cursive L, for obvious reasons. Also because it's just a really lovely loopy letter.

My least favorite letter is Q because its capital equivalent in cursive looks like a big floppy 2 and that makes me crazy. Also because Q is a freeloader and has to have U to have any meaning.

hosander said...

I dislike e for it's menacing scowl. I appreciate strong consonants like P, R, T, and S. or maybe I just watched too much Wheel of Fortune growing up.

Thaddeus said...

Capital M has always been large and menacing to me. It looks like a spider, plus in kindergarten when we learned about it, it stood for monster.

Taylor said...

I'd say my favorite number would be 7, but not for the reason you gave. My birthday just happens to be 07/07.

However, I have to say that my lucky number (which is obviously different than my favorite number) would be 4, because I placed fourth chair in County, Region, and State bands, as well as in orchestra. I also made 4th place in the 800 and 1600 races at my Regional track meet. I'm very well acquaited with 4.

I don't like the letter S much; I don't like its personality. To me it seems like it thinks it's better than its surrounding letters, especially T. It shows up in more words than I think it's worth.

I don't much like X, either. It needs to lighten up a little.

I'm most familiar with the letter T, but that doesn't mean it's my favorite. My favorite letter would have to be a calmer, less assuming letter. Like V, W, or Y.

Jancisco said...

My favorite AND lucky number is 18. I mentioned that to Ben the other day and he mocked me. . .what, exactly, is lucky about that? Have you won the lottery with it? Has it given you special powers.

I socked him 18 times.

It's my favorite/lucky number because of my birthday!

As far as letters go, I think I like G.

Eliza said...

I've always had anxiety about picking a lucky number.

On my birthday in 1st grade I told the janitor that it was my birthday and that I was 7 years old. He said to me, "Oh 7 is a lucky number" so I decided that should be my lucky number but then in 6th grade Ruth Bartlett's favorite number was 4 so I made that my favorite number. Then when I played soccer in 7th grade someone else wanted the number 4 jersey and I got stuck with number 13. And I feel like that number has followed me around my whole life and I've never had a lucky number of my own choosing.

So the soccer jersey started it all and then, I've dated a few guys that have lived in apt #13, had some first kisses on Friday the 13th. I left for Ghana on Friday,the 13th, the ASL sign for 13 and haha is the same and I always say haha, I never say lol but maybe I'll start saying 13 instead of haha. Anyway, I see 13 everywhere! So I've started saying the 13 is my lucky number even though I don't really want it to be.

I do love the letter E from my name. I like signing my name E. Baird. I must be Eeeegotistical. Also, if I'm excited or really happy about something I will say or write Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I also like the letter Z --again, it is in my name but it isn't common, which I like.

Eliza said...

PS this is my favorite blog post I've read for the week--actually I'll even give it favorite for the month.

Clinto Beans said...

I told my dad once when I was little that my favorite number was 19, because 1 was his and nine was 9, but I just liked dad and wanted to make him feel good, so I included his favorite number too. Eventually,over the years, it drifted to 11, partially because you can roll that number in most board games and probably because it was dad's absolute favorite. What is better than one 1? A thousand, but we'll settle for two.

This could mean I'm extra lonely, having two 1's, or that I just like my dad.