Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Iron Exam (FE)

This morning I dreamed in equations.

That's because yesterday I took a test that began at 7:15am and ended at 5:40pm. Well, we had an adequate lunchbreak in there too, but the testing itself was two blocks of four hours each.

180 multiple choice questions...all on scantron bubble sheets; yet I won't know the results for 12 weeks and I'll never know my score. They will only say if I passed or failed.

One thing I noticed as I computed mass flow rates and steel fatigue life was that after eight hours of pouring over a test, your head tends to get heavy and your neck really starts to ache. I wanted to slouch down in my chair and hold the test above me, but I don't think the proctors would have been too keen.

It feels good to be done. Now all I have to worry about is 1-Design a marble sorter
and 2-Study up for 4 final exams.


MidSpeck said...

Good luck with your design class and your finals. That's funny that it is the FE. I had never made that connection to iron before... it truly is like an ironman test.

Jancisco said...

Good job Thaddeus. I'm sure they are sending out your name to all the big recruiters as I type this. You got 100%!!