Thursday, October 4, 2007

Here he is...Mr. Eleventh Ward

I've been suckered into yet another beauty, er... manly pageant.

I am in the uncomfortable position of figuring out...
  • a talent
  • a superhero costume
  • evening wear
by Monday evening. This means I need to gather my supplies quickly, but even quicker, I need ideas. Please post them now. The selected winners will get a special homemade candybar from me! (Just specify how runny you like your nougat).


Hosander said...

I refuse to promote this kind of behavior.

Kendra said...

Here's my suggestions:

1) You should tell your "George"'s hilarious.

2)Superhero - dress like a missionary OR a blond Clark Kent (with a Superman t-shirt underneath)

3) Tux (I mean what other kind of evening wear is there for a guy?) I guess you could borrow my formal dress that I wore to the dance a few years back...but they might consider that odd.

Jancisco said...

Here's what I think:

1) Too Many Daves

2) Aqua-Man like someone did at Mr. Timpview-- you just need a wet suit and a LOT of seaweed.

3) Pajamas.

Jancisco said...

Oh, and I prefer caramel.

Word Diva said...


Talent: Saying "I have salad in my pants" in 13 languages, The morbid serenade about keeping the hand you love.

Superhero: The Tick! duh anyone who really knows you would agree.

Evening Wear: Either the tales you wore for the dance last year or a kilt--those always go over very well.

Bus Gillespie said...

Do a Dr. Suess rendition, those are the best!

Thaddeus said...

Kendra, what is my George poem?

I need to find a wetsuit.

Alisha, I like that "Hold Your Hand In Mine" idea, and the kilt. But do you know anyone with a kilt I can borrow?

I do have a graduation robe...that could be...something.

Beetle Bailey said...

Talent: Come up with an equation that would explain what would happen to the earth if it stopped rotating

Costume: Dress up like a tomb.

Gown: Don't wear a gown. But, maybe really silky pajamas and you can borrow my slippers with smiling beetle faces on the toes and antenae

Mrs. Eliza said...

I think your talent should be sending a message in morris code...or you know a famous speech in morris code. You could do the "I have a dream speech" or "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country" one. yeah...

and then Superhero....just be you...or Quailboy from that one cartoon, Doug.

You should wear boxers for evening wear...isn't that what guys wear in the evening?

Oh and if you want I have a kilt but it's for a girl and it's the Baird patnern so it's blue and green not red. Red would probably go over better...Sorry, I like that idea though.

Thaddeus said...

It's not too late!

Turns out the pageant isn't until this coming Monday, giving me a few more days to prepare (of course, I've been swamped with homework the last few days). Keep the ideas flowing.