Monday, October 29, 2007

The time-change fiasco!

Brother Tulles, from the Stake High Council, last night reminded me of Daylight Savings time. So did Bret, because his palm pilot reminded him. So I went to sleep last night, thinking, "Great! An extra hour of sleep!" In the morning my alarm went off, but I shut it off and slept another hour. Later, I got up, showered, dressed, and looked at my phone again. I had a text from Reed that said, "Where are you?"

Thinking he had arrived in an empty parking lot, I smugly replied, "It's daylight savings time. I'll be at the church [for our leadership meeting] in half an hour."

Michael was supposed to be there too, so just to make sure, I looked in his room to see if he was still here. He was. I also called the local Time & Temp number to be sure that the time had really switched. They also confirmed that the hour was indeed changed. I felt very self-assured.

Then Bret started poking holes in my confidence. He yelled out, "I think daylight savings isn't until next week. I just looked it up on!" Of course I didn't want to believe him, because that would mean I was already 40 minutes late to my 1-hour meeting. I pointed to the evidence I had in my favor. Time and Temp can't possibly be wrong! But he persisted.

I arrived at the meeting in time to hear the last of President Burnham's talk, and then got some muffins. Michael showed up about then, too. It was a bitter-sweet breakfast.


Elissamae said...

Who does the government think they are...changing when Daylight Savings is? It used to be at the beginning of October, but not they think they can just go and change things like that! That is so rude!

MidSpeck said...

Didn't it actually used to be the last Sunday in October (and first Sunday in April)?

Robyn said...

Apparently VCR's everywhere thought it was daylight savings time too, they all switched ahead. I think outside thinks its daylight savings time too, it's dark out there and its only 6:15!

Anonymous said...

That is funny! Every year they try to change it and this year they succeeded. Just think, Now you will be ready for next week!

JethRobyn said...

I just tagged you, so there. Check out my blog for he details.

Jancisco said...

Sorry. I knew it wasn't this week. You should have called me.

I tagged you on my blog. Let's see some self-divuging!

Kendra said...

I was led astray the same person!

I was talking to a friend last night who unconsciously convinced himself that the time change happened on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. He doesn't know where he got that idea but he reset his clock and was promptly late for work the next day.

I'm thinking that there are some things that should not be changed because of the mass confusion that ensues. Time is one of them.

I happened to live in the three different locations in the US that don't change time, Montana, Arizona and Indiana. Let me tell you I loved always knowing what time it was. I think we should follow their examples!!

Bus Gillespie said...

Sounds like a great way to get out of a meeting. You can probably only use it once or twice a year however.