Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tally Hall!

A couple of weeks ago I received an exciting announcement from Tally Hall in my inbox that said:

1. On April 1, we'll be re-releasing "MARVIN'S MARVELOUS MECHANICAL MUSEUM" on Atlantic Records, replete with VARIOUS BONUS MATERIALS. We remixed it with producer/engineer Chris Shaw (Weezer, Bob Dylan, Ween), and it is now FANCIER. The first single, "GOOD DAY," will be released THIS TUESDAY on iTunes.

2. We've spent the last year cloistered in Ann Arbor, crafting something we call "TALLY HALL'S INTERNET SHOW." We're nearly done, and excited to begin releasing episodes along with the re-release.

3. In addition to the album and Internet Show, we've got lots of OTHER STUFF on the horizon -- a new WEBSITE, a BLOG, lots of LIVE SHOWS, and MORE. Details on all this stuff will be coming very soon...

02-27-08: PHOENIX, AZ
02-28-08: SAN DIEGO, CA
03-01-08: LOS ANGELES, CA
03-04-08: PORTLAND, OR
03-05-08: SEATTLE, WA
03-07-93: PROVO, UT
03-09-08: DENVER, CO
03-XX-08: AUSTIN, TX
03-17-08: TULSA, OK
03-18-08: ST. LOUIS, MO
03-19-08: DES MOINES, IA
03-20-08: CHICAGO, IL
03-21-08: CHICAGO, IL
03-22-08: GRAND RAPIDS, MI
04-05-08: LANSING, MI
04-06-08: MT. PLEASANT, MI

You'll notice that they visited Provo FIFTEEN YEARS AGO! Luckily, I bought tickets before they sold out.

It was fantastic, but it could have done with fewer opening bands. Tally Hall played many of their classics (i.e. several songs from their album) to which the audience enthusiastically sang along.

For their first encore they asked the crowd to open a circle up in the middle so they could come out among us and play. It was cool. And very cramped. We made the space, but nobody wanted to sit down among a bunch of already-compacted standing people, so I called out, "1...2...3..." and it worked! Everybody sat down at once.

The heretofore vociferous audience became very quiet as the white-shirt-and-solid-colored-tie-clad performers strummed and tapped their acoustic devices. They played Be Born. And another one I didn't know (Ross and Andrew played on xylophones!). Then they packed up and hid backstage.

Unwilling to let them off so easy, the crowd chanted in unison, "Taa-Lee Hall! Taa-Lee Hall! Taa-Lee Hall!..." until they obliged us with two more songs: Two Wuv (that's the Mary Kate and Ashley one), and Praise You.

Had this been the only thing to happen that night, I can assure you I would have been satisfied, but as we walked to Dave's car, I overheard Curtis make a remark that got me very excited. I gasped. And then I gasped again.

Recall the road trip where we began a game we thought would never end. It started on December 28 and ended the night Curtis flippantly muttered "taxicab," just seventy days later. Let it be written that "What Are You Thinking Of? X-treme" has been won for the first time. Rumor has it that Curtis is preparing for round 2.


Bus Gillespie said...

this is just too much to even offer a comment to!! You should become one of their tour publicists.

Jenette said...

I guess I am a little fuzzy on who Tally Hall is, but excited you were excited to be there. I am very glad your game has ended successfully, and hope round 2 goes well. But I am especially glad that you used the word heretofore in your post. That is great!

JethRobyn said...

Was that just a typing error that they came in 1993? I'm glad that you got to go! How was playing with Clark?

Jinx said...

TAXICAB!! I was going to guess that!!! ARGH!! Sometimes Curtis just makes me so mad!