Friday, April 25, 2008

Bret's Quotes

Some of the funniest things fall out of Bret's mouth. I'm not convinced it's all on purpose, but it is a riot being his roommate.

Thad (sniffing the sewage-laden air) : "Whew! It stinks! Bret, what did you do?"
Bret: "Rolled in it."

Jenette: "I've always been interested in becoming an FBI agent."
Bret: "Why don't you talk to the guys who are always following me everywhere?"

Bret: "Thad! Would you say your debt is 'manageable', 'unmanageable', or 'juuust right!'?"

Thad: "Bret, I just brushed my teeth!"
Bret: "Good job, Thad! That deserves a cookie!"

(At stake conference, thinking about our upcoming breakfast-for-lunch)
Thad: "I don't know... I'm not very hungry right now."
Bret: "You are going to be hungry. And you're going to want to eat a lot of pancakes. You will be tempted, but you won't be tempted above that which you can bear, because I won't make that many pancakes."

(Letting him look over my math homework to check his work)
Thad: "...but don't just trust that all of my answers are correct. I didn't completely understand everything either."
Bret: "Don't worry. I'm one step ahead of you: I always assume everything you say is false."


Jan said...

ah man, Bret is one of my favorite things about Logan. How fun to live with that kind of humor.

Diana said...

What a weirdo.

Kimber said...

Bret is in my top three.

Anonymous said...

Bret does say some of the funniest stuff!

Bret said...

Awww.....thanks? Good to know that I have some kind of fan club.

Jenette said...

Bret is seriously one of my most favorite people I've ever met.

Lindsay said...

I'm reading this with Grandma, and I've never heard her laugh as much as she did at Bret's comments...especially at "I rolled in it."