Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Clean Room

I work in a clean room.
I put on booties.
I wear a gown, a hairnet, and a face mask. These are all white.
I pull on rubber gloves.
I button my sleeves.
This is preparation.

There are two doors into the clean room.
One door is the human entrance.
The other is the human exit and the equipment door.

I open the human entrance door and step inside.
It is a tiny room with nozzles on the walls and ceiling.
They blow dust off of me.
I can only enter the clean room if I am clean.
If I repent.
I open the next door and enter the clean room.

Large equipment doesn't fit in the tiny room.
It must be carefully wiped down with alcohol,
and pushed through the human exit.

It takes no preparation or cleaning to exit.
Just walk out.

Inside the clean room people dress the same.
Everything is clean.
Averting contamination.


Jancisco said...

its like a poem. what do you do in there? Make bombs?

Thaddeus said...

I'm making a chamber.

The chamber will be a vacuum
and will be cooled to -320 F.
It looks like a space ship.
The machine inside the chamber will calibrate filters.
Then the filters will fly into space.
Which is cooled to -455 F
and is a vacuum.

But my chamber stays here.

MidSpeck said...

Space is -455°F? Why wouldn't the sun warm a space ship orbiting above the earth just as much as the earth?

Thaddeus said...

Empty space itself is quite cold and isn't warmed by the sun. (To give you a frame of reference, absolute zero is -460 F).

But you're right, for an object in direct sunlight the side facing the sun will warm up considerably. The shadow side will still be frigid.

This is because the only method of heat transfer involved is radiation.

MidSpeck said...

Interesting. So space is pretty close to absolute zero then. Don't atoms stop moving at that speed? I'm surprised that satellites function as they fly "behind" planets (relative to the sun).
I asked you once about heat transfer and you mentioned convection, radiation, and something else. What was the third one?

Aunt Soup said...

The clean room you describe brings to mind another clean place or two. Was that part of your thoughts as well?

Thaddeus said...

Absolute zero is the temperature of no molecular motion*. Since empty space has almost no molecules a measurement of "temperature" doesn't make a lot of sense.

Radiation heat transfer is a give and take of photons between an object and its surroundings. A hot object will radiate lots of high-energy photons in all directions. The blackness of space also radiates to the object, but usually very few, low-energy photons largely from the background microwave radiation stemming from the aftermath of the Big Bang. In this sense, space has a "temperature," albeit not a very large one.

Convection (heat transfered through moving fluids),
Conduction (heat transferred through direct molecular contact, usually in solids).

*Even at absolute zero, molecules have some quantum amount of energy. Maybe my friend Dave will elaborate.

Aunt Soup, yes.

Bus Gillespie said...

Pehaps the anti-matter in alternative space moves even faster in the cold?