Friday, June 26, 2009

Whate'er Thou Art Act Well Thy Part

The time I've bought to put off deciding my future is quickly evaporating.

I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate student and my hooding approacheth in December. With sheepskin in hand I will venture into the wilds of...manufacturing? machine design? thermal simulation?

My plan was to begin looking for jobs starting about now, use various competing offers as leverage, and sign up with the best fit. Still a good plan, but where do I look?

I'm not just talking geography (but that is a major consideration), I'm also referring to fields of expertise.

I was recently asked by my supervisor Dean if I would consider staying put and signing on as a Calibration Engineer after graduation. Calibration is sort of what I've chafed under for the last year and a half (very cerebral and abstract, hard to talk about over dinner). But it's a highly specialized field and would look good on a resume.

Today I was told by my project supervisor Deon he would recommend me if
I wanted to join a spacecraft controls-type team a colleague was forming, making me sort of a Rocket Scientist (of course, engineers don't actually do Science, but rocket scientist sounds impressive -- say it out loud).

Of course, I want to look outside of my current establishment and outside of Cache Valley, too. My LinkedIn profile is available for employers. How do I make them salivate?


Bus Gillespie said...

Its great to have options. An engineer asks "how does it work?" A scientists asks "Why does it work as it does" The liberal science graduate asks: "Do you want frys with that?"

Clinto Beans said...

I'm more of the "how does it work" kind of dude. I've been looking at the options of engineering and there are so many paths to take. Honestly I have no clue what I'm getting myself into. Maybe a baker sounds nice. ..Just kidding of course..

Jancisco said...

I think you should stay put for at least another year. . . you know what I'm thinking.

Diana said...

What is Jan thinking?