Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I want to try out something new and exciting. It's called "meal-planning."

Basically, it means you get in mind what to cook for dinner before you start feeling hunger pains. Some veterans even plan days(!) beforehand. This runs contrary to every bachelor's mindset, especially mine, so I'd like some pointers from More bacon than the pan can handle's readers.

Probably the biggest obstacle is my own low standard. When thinking of food, the immediate utilitarian purpose is to erase the pangs. This can be met as easily with cardboard as with gourmet lasagna, but one has the advantage of being quicker. While I do enjoy taste, I regard it as a fleeting pleasure and not always a driving requirement.

Eating with others is a different story, altogether. I'll gladly make a meal worthy of silverware if someone else is enjoying it with me.

On a slightly related topic, have you ever seen that place called "DreamDinners"? I don't know why, but the name isn't appetizing to me. Dreams I associate with fantasy and clouds and fluff and unreachability. Dinner's got to be real, tangible, substantial, and filling.


hosander said...

Why can't we just have endless supplies of apples, oranges, pb sandwiches and ramen? that sounds healthy and easy, right?

Obviously I need this help as well. I think mom made it look too easy but it's actually pretty difficult to do it regularly and successfully.

Eliza said...

Are you a vegetarian?

Jan said...

On Sunday afternoon, when you're really hungry, get out a piece of paper and decide what you want to eat that week. Even if you are planning "leftovers" or "sandwiches". And make sure to plan for leftovers, or you will have a too-full fridge if you cook a real meal every night.

Then see what things you need to buy to make said meals, and only go to the grocery store once that week.

If you have to buy something that is unique, like cabbage or pork or tahini paste or something, try to incorporate it into several of the week's dinners, so it doesn't go bad.

At least thats the theory. I just like to make a big pot of soup on Monday and we eat it all week long.